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Weather Satellite News and How to Page


1.     JVComm32, Wxtoimg and  Paintshop Pro for editing color etc. 

2.     Wxsat Program Hints and Tips

3.     How to Colorize your Black and White APT Pictures by  Patrick Prokop

4.     How to Align Satellite Dishes and Also Solar Position Calculator

5.     Satellite Converter

6.     Receiving DVB data - from the Eumetsat EARS Service

7.     Simple Guide to the LRGB Technique by William McLaughlin

8.     Aligning a satellite dish on Hotbird using the Skystar2 pci DVB card

9.     RX2

10.   Picture Guide used as a reference only for construction

11.   Creating 3D Images from HRPT Satellite Imagery  by Mike Long

          POES STATUS  
Color enhanced imagery From GOES Weather Satellite

          Satellite Images of Hurricane Regions - Images are from NOAA's GOES satellites 

Latest Satellite Imagery- Noaa maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Pacific from May 15 through November 30

Historical Events and History  of Hurricanes

APT Status Report "Updated every Monday Morning"

          What are Weather Satellites  polar orbiting and geostationary weather satellites       

Weather Satellite Signals  "Important Links to Software and Information"                                                                       

What is HRPT?       

Wxtoimg Software signal to image decoder

Weather Satellite Decoding (David Taylor)

RIG. "Remote Imaging Group"

Weather Satellite Observers Group "GEO"

HRPT Pictures and Informational Page

 Weather Satellite Tools David Taylor's Web page

My first attempt on building the RX2 Kit From R.I.G.

Weather Satellite News and How to Page links

Goes N Launch (Noaa Satellite)

 Weather Satellite Links from Milan's Home Page

Amateur Weather link 1 Mike Long's Web site will be down  around OCT/NOV 2006

      Colorizing GOES Weather Satellite Images