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What is HRPT ?



    It is the basic sensor data that is transmitted at reduced resolution as APT data from NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites. 
    There is approximately ten times the resolution in HRPT data as there is in the APT data. You don't need any kit to receive HRPT data - it     is     available off the Internet from the comprehensive Satellite Active Archive (SAA) as well as direct.

David Taylor's Web Page, has several Outstanding Programs for the Satellite enthusiasts . 

Pictures shown below  are from Noaa Satellites decoded using HRPT Format.  David Taylor's HRPT Reader (Read HRPT data and produce false-color interpretations) free software he has developed. 


HRPT Reader - processes HRPT data in a variety of formats and can produce false-color images and APT thumbnails.  Individual sensor channels can be viewed or combined to RGB channels, with temperature calibration and geographic overlays.  You can process data from your own receiver, or data obtained from the Internet, so no receiver is required.  Includes Correct Geometry which removes the scanner geometric distortion from raw HRPT images


Satellite Pictures are  decoded using HRPT Format and David Taylor's Software from . 


Pictures below were  produced  with David Taylor's HRPT Reader   " What is a HRPT Reader?    

Noaa 16 South Bound Pass Early AM pass 09/15/04  Shows Hurricane Ivan in the Gulf of Mexico
Ivan early AM 09/13/04 Noaa 16
Ivan early AM 09/13/04 Noaa 17
  Ivan Noaa 17  09/10/04  Mid day
Noaa 17 09/03/04
  Charlie Noaa 17  08/13/2004 
Charlie Afternoon 08/12/04

Charlie 08/13/04  1:00 am 
Charlie 08/13/04 5:00 am

Charlie & Bonnie "Midday"  08/10/04
Charlie "morning"  08/11/04
Close-up of Charlie "Morning" 08/11/04
Charlie 08/11/2004
Charlie 08/11/04
  08/10/04 Charley and Bonnie  
Noaa 17 08/02/04



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