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RX2 Kit

The RX2 is one excellent APT receiver that does as good as most commercial units do.

My First pictures  from  RX2  kit on 2/6/1999   from NOAA 12, Goes 8  and Resurs (No longer in operation)  using the RX2  receiver. 

 Pictures shown below are a visual meant as a guide only please follow directions provided with Kit.

        RX2kit1.jpg (20353 bytes)     RX2 resistors                                      RX2kit2.jpg (21805 bytes)      RX2 capacitors 

       RX2kit3.jpg (23984 bytes)     coils, crystals, filters                             RX2bkside.jpg (38752 bytes)   RX2 soldered side

        RX2scanner2.jpg (27321 bytes)   in the box but not wired up as yet             RX2kit4.jpg (41493 bytes)   Testing stage

        RX2done1.jpg (50402 bytes)  Testing stages over for now,  RX2 coils   L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 were adjusted by  using Volt meter and Signal meter  instead up using a Frequency meter with a counter. 

       RX2front2.jpg (15461 bytes)  Front picture of RX2  

       RX2rear.jpg (22653 bytes) Rear Picture of RX2. Starting from right side of picture, BNC  connector for Antenna, 1/8 plug for external speaker, 1/8 plug for decoder Wefax  & JVComm32  last is  Power connector. It does not look so pretty but the pictures tells the truth of this great little receiver.